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We utilize diverse methodologies to provide effective process facilitation and training programs to our clients.
Some include:

  • Gestalt Organizational and Systems Development,
  • Appreciative Inquiry,
  • WholeScale Change,
  • National Coalition Building Institute for Diversity Leadership and Prejudice Reduction Techniques,
  • Institute for Cultural Affairs Technology of Participation Facilitation and Strategic Planning Methods, and
  • Plus over 30 years as an entrepreneur


Our training and consulting services offers clear and sustainable practical benefits that facilitate opportunities
for innovation and growth.

  • Increase effectiveness and efficiency in accomplishing individual, team and system-wide goals and
  • Provide skills that will enhance productivity, communication, collaboration and interpersonal relationships;
  • Enhance the administrative infrastructure to support desired change
  • Support the development of innovative thinking and problem-solving;
  • Support leaders in their awareness of themselves and their impact on others; and
  • Increase mutual appreciation for the value that individuals bring to teams and groups.

All of these benefits translate to more effective and efficient use of fiscal and human resources. Effective
leadership skills at all levels of an organization increases their ability to make their vision a reality, change lives
and ultimately, the world as we know it.