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The consistent application of these core values and principles by MKM Management Consulting ensures that
our reputation remains synonymous with quality and excellence.

Custom Designed: Every client and situation is different. We use a collaborative approach that tailors tools
and processes to fit an organization’s specific needs, capacity, situational nuances, culture, time frame and

Integrity & Honesty: Practice what you preach. Everyone must be supported in speaking their truth with
honor, dignity, and respect. It is important to set real expectations and be honest about intentions,
relationships, and the dynamic tensions of group and community life as they manifest. If a mistake is made,
own it. If things change, tell others who are involved. If hard choices are made, talk about the process and
intentions and accept feedback with grace.

Participation: Individuals that will be impacted by decisions need to be included in the decision-making
process. Allowing their participation helps them to prepare for change, bring their expertise and have
ownership for the decisions’ successful implementation.

Professionalism & Quality: Provide the best possible service in the most professional and effective way
possible, ever aware of the need to manage dynamic tensions in relationships.

Love: It is with love, the most powerful action in the Universe that we enter our work with any individual, group,
organization or community.  It increases our compassion, understanding, clarity, and our ability to provide what
is needed without judgement or the need to do anything but serve.

“Learn it today, Use it today!”: In today’s fast paced and changing environment, it is critical that learning
happens with a focus on practical application. We designs learning experiences that are experiential  so you
can learn it and use it today.  We want everyone to get some work related task done in the process of their
learning that puts the learning to practical application immediately.
Custom Designed | Integrity & Honesty | Participation | Professionalism & Quality | Love
“Learn it today, Use it today!”