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The world is changing at the speed of thought.  This process supports organizations in creating a nimble, transformational, strategic
plan that can flex and keep up with what is happening in the world.  No longer do you have to spend countless hours in planning
meetings only to find that you have a plan that is outdated before you receive the document and that no one in your organization is ready
to implement.

Partnering with organizations make the transition to the next level of their vision, manage transition, and make a difference

  • Be poised for transformational change
  • Leverage an opportunity  or organizational transition
  • Get everyone on the same page and committed to the vision
  • Ready  for a plan that is results and implementation oriented

Then this offer is for you.

A two-day strategic planning process that incorporates coaching to help the executive prepare the organization for the sessions and to
support execution.

The process
MKM has incorporated tested methodology from ToP/Institute of Cultural Affairs and Whole Scale Change and Gestalt Organizational
Systems Development into an integrated planning process that can be completed in 2-days.  MKM offers leadership coaching to support
leaders preparing their organization for the process and to support them in execution after the 2-Day strategic plan is complete.

Who is ideal for this process:
  • Small Businesses and Nonprofit Organizations who are ready to have a roadmap that takes them 10 giant steps forward
  • They are ready for a transformation
  • Have about 25 members of their organization including staff, key volunteers, and board of directors
  • Want a plan that guides them, is flexible and strategic to get them to the next level of their work
  • Leaders are visionary, strategic, innovative, focused, determined, and ready to move

The Offer
  • 3 Pre-Planning Leadership Coaching Sessions
  • 2 Day Strategic Planning Retreat with entire organization
  • 3 Post-Planning Implementation Coaching Sessions
  • Plus 3 Bonus Leadership Coaching Sessions in the 1st 6 months of implementation
  • Plus 2-hour facilitated strategy assessment meeting 6 months after the plan
  • Plus Strategic Plan delivered by email within 3 business days of the retreat

Add On Services
  • Organizational Assessment
  • Key Informant Interviews
  • Focus Groups
  • Succession Plan
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